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Her painting "Cherry Blossoms" was accepted and shown in the Howard County Arts Council's "Art Howard County 2015" Juried Contest and Exhibition.

In 2014 her painting, "Frost", was accepted and shown at the Schuler School of Fine Arts, Baltimore, in the "From Fur to Feathers 5th Annual Juried Competition and Exhibition of Animal Art".

artist Bio

Rebecca has been painting and drawing since she was a young girl and could first hold a pencil. Her mother was an artist with a degree in fine art and her father was an artist and engineer. They both encouraged and instructed her from a young age. She has studied with various professional artists (often friends of the family), as well as teaching oil painting to beginners, but has never attended an art school.


Her painting, "Bottoms Up" won Honorable Mention in "The Art of Stewardship 2016" show for the Howard County Maryland Conservancy, judged by internationally acclaimed artist Greg Mort.

Contests and Exhibitions:


Her painting, "The Fawn in the Forest", was accepted into the 2018 "From Fur to Feathers 9th annual Juried Contest and Exhibition of Animal Art", at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore.

2017 & 2016

Her painting "Buddhist Prayer" was  accepted into the "Laurel Art Guild 48th Juried Exhibition" of 2017 at the Montpelier Arts Center, in MD. It was previously shown at the "Howard County Open 2016" show.