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About the Prints

All prints are archival quality, Giclee on Canvas. They are numbered and are limited edition.

All prints up to, and including, size 16x20 are done on canvas that is mounted to MDF board. Larger sizes are available in gallery wrapped canvas only. Specific requests can be made for gallery wrapped canvas, or some other type of backing, in most standard sizes.


Oil paintings are $2.45 per square inch. For portraits with additional figures, or complex details (for example, a lace dress), an additional .30 cents per square inch will be added.
All commissions are done on gallery wrapped canvas, though other backing can be requested.
Other standard sizes can be requested.
Pricing for drawings, and paintings in other media, are decided on an individual basis.

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                                          Board                                            Prints on

Commissions              Mounted               Sizes           Watercolor

                                       Canvas Prints                               Paper               

6x8        $110                      $30                       6x8               $14

9x12       $260                    $60                       9x12              $16

12x12      $350                    $80                       12x12             $33

12x16      $470                   $100                   12x16             $42

16x20     $780                    $140                     16x20            $88

20x24     $1170                   $230                   20x24            $129

22x28     $1500                  $280                   22x28            $165

(Larger standard sizes are available upon request).